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Monday, May 1, 2017

Tyvek - 50th Anniversary

Tyvek was first commercially unveiled by DuPont on April 5th, 1967. So this year marks the 50th anniversary of the unveil of Tyvek. Since that date, Tyvek has become quite the versatile product.

According to DuPont's press release:

DuPont Protection Solutions announced the 50th anniversary of DuPont™ Tyvek®, a unique nonwoven material that has enabled new dimensions of protection, security and safety in a wide variety of industries and applications. To mark this major milestone, celebratory events will be held throughout the year to not only pay tribute to the past, but to focus on the future. In addition, a series of communications and special activities are planned to inform, inspire and involve customers, end-users and others around the world during this celebration year and beyond.

While Tyvek is known most prominently for building envelope solutions, such as Tyvek® HomeWrap®, and Tyvek® protective garment, there are many other uses for Tyvek.

Tyvek is now also used as graphics media, envelopes, wristbands, tag labels, archival wrap, framebacking, carpet/rug wrap, banners, cargo covers for pharmaceuticals and perishables, wallets, maps, hunting decoys, flags, currency, artistic displays, clothing, shoes, credit card sleeves, and a multitude of other applications.

Join in the Tyvek 50th anniversary celebration and use Tyvek in some new and creative way, and then tell us about it and we may feature your Tyvek project in a future blog post. Material Concepts is an authorized Tyvek master distributor - just contact Material Concepts or via phone: 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 or buy Tyvek online.

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