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Friday, May 13, 2016

Tyvek Papercut Art from Beatrice Coron

One of Material Concepts' best artist customers is Beatrice Coron, who does a lot of Tyvek papercut art. She has been featured in two previous blog posts for her innovative papercutting work using Tyvek materials. Beatrice recently sent these photos of two new works done using Black Tyvek from Material Concepts.

The first one is titled A.R.T. with each letter is about 44 inches tall and wide, cut black Tyvek.

The second one is called Inkyxote (about Inky the Octopus and Don Quixote). Each figure is about 10 by 9 inches, also cut black Tyvek. Beatrice provides this description: "Keeping the passion while escaping the situation."

Both photos are copyright 2016 Beatice Coron, used here with permission.
View Coron's full gallery of paper art and check out her schedule of exhibits and public art installations to see her art in person.

Coron was previously featured here in a Tyvek Innovative Uses Blog post about her Tyvek cape and mentioned a a post about paper cutting artists.

Thank you to Beatrice Coron for sending here latest work and photos. Material Concepts provides Black Tyvek and traditional unprinted white Tyvek rolls to many artists, and Material Concepts may be able to provide expert recommendations on the Tyvek style that will work best. Just contact Material Concepts or via phone: 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366.

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