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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Tyvek Fashions for 2015 from Polish Designer Agnieszka Sukiennik

Agnieszka Sukiennik, a Warsaw, Poland based independent visual artist, illustrator and fashion designer, announces her spring/summer 2015 fashion design using Tyvek material. Her brand is ANIESS. The new collections are called MON POLLEN and MON BLUE. This Tyvek Innovative Uses Blog has featured Ms. Sukiennik's work previously and she does some amazing things with Tyvek in her fashion designs.

Sukiennik comments on her latest fashion designs:
My inspirations came from nature, bloom, little meadow flowers, waterdrops, marks of rain. Collections are very light, feminine and tenuous.To create these projects, I started with photography, I made a lots of pictures, on the countryside, just next to my summer house, then I pained watercolor sketches to create the best composition, which finally was placed, repainted on Tyvek. In my collections the main medium is hand painted Tyvek linked with knitwear, polyurethane foam and natural leather. Each piece of ANIESS clothing is a singular work of art - each garment is a one and only piece, totally unique.

For more information about Sukiennik's work, please visit:

And enjoy these photos provided by Agnieszka Sukiennik, used here with permission.

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