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Friday, September 26, 2014

Cool-Tubes Lamps Made With Tyvek®

Cool-Tubes night stand lamps
Following up on the initial success of their eponymous Hot-Tubes hot air recirculating product, Maine-based Hot-Tubes Corporation is now offering Cool-Tubes lighting. Cool-Tubes are now available through Kickstarter. Cool-Tubes are lighting systems with Tyvek® tubes as the "lamp shade", used as a night stand, table top or full ceiling length. These patent pending, innovative products are lightweight, use LED lights and are powered by household current or an optional 12v battery pack. They feature a removable solid native cherry and walnut base, so they can be easily converted to hanging lamps. The standard Cool Tubes products come in Tyvek® white, select solid colors, and they can be customized with other designs.

Cool-Tubes lighting is innovative in the materials used and lighting mechanism. Cool-Tubes utilize two types of Tyvek®, 1443R and 1025D. Bill Zelman, Cool-Tubes creator, told us that "when it comes to the 1443R versions, having a hanging lamp that you can scrunch into your pocket or overnight bag is pretty cool." As for the light controls, Zelman said that "besides the usual AC adapter, the lights can also be powered from any 12v source such as a cigarette lighter plug or battery."
Hanging Cool-Tubes

Cool-Tubes are currently available in 2 different sizes, 14" night stand, 35" table top, and will soon be available in 86" room height. According to Cool-Tubes' Kickstarter page,

The brightness of the night stand size is best described as accent lighting, but can be used as a bedside reading light if the shade design selected is not too dark. The table top size will provide some area room illumination and is a solid bed side or couch side table lamp, but is also in the accent lighting category. The warm white setting on all our lamps is dimmer than the bright / cool white.

Cool-Tubes table top lamp
All styles feature dimmable 16 color remote control LED lighting, so the light color can be varied. Additionally, Cool-Tubes can be customized with logos or marketing graphics to be used as a marketing tool.

All photos are used with permission. Special thanks to Bill Zelman for providing us with information.

Thinking about using Tyvek® material for your next project? If so, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. Or for further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

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