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Monday, April 14, 2014

Windsock Decoys Made with Tyvek

Tyvek is now being used to create decoys for snow goose hunting. The Anser Decoy Company owners Jim Orr and Chuck Elder are using Tyvek as the main material in their line of windsock decoys, including the SideKick Decoy™.
The Anser Decoy Sample Pack

Orr comments, "like most windsock decoy companies, we chose to use Tyvek in manufacturing our product. It provides a virtually weatherproof material that holds up over time when cut and sewn into our pattern. In addition, unlike most material, the Tyvek holds up at the grommets without tearing, unlike other materials considered."

The Anser Decoy Adult Sentry
All of The Anser Decoy's products feature Tyvek bodies with a special ink that helps to eliminate glare and adds realistic looking details to the decoys. Unlike other decoys on the market, Anser Decoy's decoys are functional on low wind days – they feature stay-open crush resistant collars that help to maximize wind gathering. All Anser Decoy decoys feature a collapsible back support. This feature comes in handy when storage space is a concern, whether on a trip or in the off-season. The Anser Decoy's products have hand painted ABS heads that are molded with a UV modifier that help the heads resist sun damage.

The Anser Decoy Blue Headless Low
Elder and Orr are retired Army Combat Arms officers and are proud that all Anser Decoy products are made in the USA. Orr said that what sets his product apart from other windsock decoys on the market is that "all the other windsock decoy companies manufacturing this type of product are doing so in China, as opposed to making them here in the USA, thus, the material being used in their products is made in China and may or may not be DuPont Tyvek material."

In addition to the products that are currently available on their website, they are in the process of creating another decoy. Orr said that "the SideKick Decoy™ is also patent pending in that the wind hole is in the side and it rides perpendicular to the wind as opposed to other windsock decoys."

View the Anser Decoy Company's SideKick video to see the product in action:

The photos used were provided by The Anser Decoy Company and used with permission. Thanks Jim and Chuck!

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