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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tyvek Used to Create Lulu Lamp

Photo Credit: Veronique Pecheux
Digital Journal recently published an article titled "Lights 4 Living Respond to New Interlocking Lamp Design" that discusses industrial engineer Jean-Sebastien Lagrange's Lulu Lamp.

Once again, Tyvek has been used in an innovative way! Using Tyvek to create a the Lulu lamp, Lagrange describes his elegant lamp as "simple as folded paper," but it is certainly anything but simple. We asked Jean-Sebastien Lagrange why he chose Tyvek, and he very graciously said it is because he "was looking for a material as light as paper but tear proof and resistant. I needed those resistance duality because I was using an assembly by clipping the material itself." Digital Journal describes Lulu as "folded sections of Tyvek, fastened together with two colourful rings per section. One small ring is placed at the top, with a larger one fixing the sections together at the bottom." Because of its use of Tyvek, "the lamp can be delivered to buyers as a piece of flat pack furniture and easily assembled by absolutely anyone." Leading home lighting company Lights 4 Living claims that "this interlocking lamp from Jean-Sebastien Lagrange makes great use of a material, Tyvek, that you wouldn't ordinarily associate with the world of lighting. It’s also great that the resulting product is so lightweight and easy to assemble, and it can be put together by anyone who wants to include it in their home." Once again, an innovative use for Tyvek!

Photo Credit: 
Veronique Pecheux
Photo Credit: 
Veronique Pecheux
Photo Credit: 
Veronique Pecheux
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