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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Serged Seam Tyvek Mailers from Detroit Denim Co

Detroit Denim Co is an American manufacturer operating a small factory hand-making jeans, denim bags and leather products with superb craftsmanship. So what's the connection with Tyvek? They posted this photo on Facebook about using Tyvek to make mailers to ship their denim products. They put the Tyvek on their sewing machine and sew on a serged seam edge to create a custom, creative Tyvek shipping envelope. They write the address on the outside with a permanent marker, put in the jeans, and have a cool shipper that is durable and lightweight. That's an innovative use for Tyvek! We salute Detroit Denim for their US manufacturing effort and their creativity.

Why not make your own? Buy a roll of Tyvek and do it yourself; check out the Tyvek sewing instructions (PDF).  Of course, if you don't have time or a sewing machine to make your own Tyvek envelopes, Material Concepts is a leading supplier of stock and custom printed Tyvek envelopes.

And if you need some great denim jeans, or a durable duffle bag, or even a cool leather wallet, all made in the heart of Detroit, try Detroit Denim Co. Maybe your pair will come in a custom sewn Tyvek envelope!

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