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Friday, September 26, 2014

Cool-Tubes Lamps Made With Tyvek®

Cool-Tubes night stand lamps
Following up on the initial success of their eponymous Hot-Tubes hot air recirculating product, Maine-based Hot-Tubes Corporation is now offering Cool-Tubes lighting. Cool-Tubes are now available through Kickstarter. Cool-Tubes are lighting systems with Tyvek® tubes as the "lamp shade", used as a night stand, table top or full ceiling length. These patent pending, innovative products are lightweight, use LED lights and are powered by household current or an optional 12v battery pack. They feature a removable solid native cherry and walnut base, so they can be easily converted to hanging lamps. The standard Cool Tubes products come in Tyvek® white, select solid colors, and they can be customized with other designs.

Cool-Tubes lighting is innovative in the materials used and lighting mechanism. Cool-Tubes utilize two types of Tyvek®, 1443R and 1025D. Bill Zelman, Cool-Tubes creator, told us that "when it comes to the 1443R versions, having a hanging lamp that you can scrunch into your pocket or overnight bag is pretty cool." As for the light controls, Zelman said that "besides the usual AC adapter, the lights can also be powered from any 12v source such as a cigarette lighter plug or battery."
Hanging Cool-Tubes

Cool-Tubes are currently available in 2 different sizes, 14" night stand, 35" table top, and will soon be available in 86" room height. According to Cool-Tubes' Kickstarter page,

The brightness of the night stand size is best described as accent lighting, but can be used as a bedside reading light if the shade design selected is not too dark. The table top size will provide some area room illumination and is a solid bed side or couch side table lamp, but is also in the accent lighting category. The warm white setting on all our lamps is dimmer than the bright / cool white.

Cool-Tubes table top lamp
All styles feature dimmable 16 color remote control LED lighting, so the light color can be varied. Additionally, Cool-Tubes can be customized with logos or marketing graphics to be used as a marketing tool.

All photos are used with permission. Special thanks to Bill Zelman for providing us with information.

Thinking about using Tyvek® material for your next project? If so, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. Or for further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

DuPont™ and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tyvek Printing Innovative Uses

Looking for a way to jazz up a paper-based project? Print it on Tyvek! After reading a story about Tyvek being used as the medium for marks cards and certificates at Bangalore University and the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, we brainstormed some things that could be printed on Tyvek. Our top ideas include:
  • Diplomas
  • Award certificates
  • Sheet music
  • Playbooks
  • Wrapping paper
  • Recipes
  • Placemats
  • Scripts
  • Pictures/paintings/drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Clothing/costume designs
  • Concert/sporting event signs
  • Newsletters
  • Book covers
  • Runners race bibs
  • Flags/banners
  • Maps/directions
What do you think of these ideas? Comment below with your ideas!

Not sure of how to print on Tyvek? See our new Printing Processes for Tyvek Graphics Media web page, which provides good information on the Tyvek styles and printing processes. One easy way for small projects is inkjet printing on Tyvek sheets.
If you need Tyvek for your next project, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. Or for further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Wearable Art Runway Competition Features Tyvek Creations

Tyvek dress by Patti DeWitt and
Mary Metzger-Gallivan
Impact Artists Gallery's "Evolution – Wear Art Meets Fashion" Wearable Art Runway Competition was a major Buffalo NY fashion event in April 2014. For this show, many fashion designers chose Tyvek as the main material for their dresses and accessories, including intricate necklaces. Tyvek shared the catwalk with beautiful models.

Over 50 unique, wearable art fashions created by local and national artists were displayed at the event, many of which featured Tyvek. Maria Kowalski, President of Impart Artists Gallery, told us that "all of the submissions for this show were made from re-purposed or hand-crafted materials. The event brought in over 100 artists and volunteers, along with approximately 300 attendees." The piece created by Patti and Mary, along with a dress and some jewelry created by Susan Marie Borden are now being displayed at the DuPont™™ corporate offices in Wilmington, DE.

Beaded necklace with
Tyvek focal center by 
Susan Marie Borden
Impact Artists Gallery is a non-profit art gallery located in the Tri-Main Building in Buffalo, New York and is the only Western New York gallery that is exclusively managed and operated by women.  Kowalski told us that "the Impact Artists Gallery has been supporting artists in the Western New York community and beyond for over 21 years. With 8 exhibits and several fundraisers annually, Impact displays works from multi-media artists from Buffalo to Hawaii. For more information on participating in Impact Artists Gallery exhibits or the 2015 Evolution Wearable Art Show (April 2015), please visit our website."

Tyvek dress by  
Julia Finucane
Special thanks to Impact Artists Gallery for providing the photos and information about this fashion event and their gallery.

If you need Tyvek material for your own fashion projects, Material Concepts can supply many Tyvek styles for fashion design. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot-Tubes - Heat Recirculators Made with Tyvek®

Hot-Tube Basic Tube
Hot-Tubes is revolutionizing home heating by bringing wasted warm air from ceilings to lower areas. This unique, patent pending product includes an insulated Tyvek® tube with a fan system to pull warm air down. They are 7'8" tall, suitable for rooms with ceilings ranging from 8' to 9' tall. Hot-Tubes is planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Hot-Tubes are ideal for any living environment (dorms, apartments, houses, etc.) The product is made from soft, fabric-like Tyvek® and are available in 3 stylish varieties – basic, super, and art (original works by contributing artists). As the Hot-Tubes' website describes, "Basic tubes are configured with one fan and one speed setting, and are designed to run continuously unless unplugged or used with a timer or external switch. Super and Art tubes are configured with dual fans and 2 speed selector switch, and can be purchased with optional remote control RGB LED lighting." The RGB/LED lights add a dazzling effect to the white Tyvek® tubes.
Hot-Tube Art Tube

Hot-Tubes President Bill Zelman told us that Tyvek® is used because it meets two key requirements - it's lightweight and cost effective. On selecting and utilizing Tyvek® as the material for the Hot-Tubes product, Bill said:

We made the jump to Tyvek® pretty quickly. Early on I experimented with fabrics - looking for a lightweight, cost effective solution. While traditional woven fabrics could be made to work, they were significantly more expensive - and less efficient. I had become familiar with Tyvek® while repairing and remodeling parts of my home. Once I learned about soft type 1443r and made my first prototype from it, I knew it was the solution we were looking for. It met all our criteria and it was easy to work with. We've used both transfer adhesives and sewing to successfully make our tubes.

Hot-Tube with
RGB/LED Lighting
Zelman also said that he "needs to thank the Tyvek® artist community for the inspiration behind the novel Tyvek® air duct used in our product. We saved 10's of thousands of dollars and added great functionality by using Tyvek® to form a directional air scoop instead of creating a custom plastic form. It's also much nicer!"

All photos are used with permission. Special thanks to Bill Zelman for providing us with information.

Thinking about using Tyvek® for your next project? If so, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. Or for further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

DuPont™ and Tyvek® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Windsock Decoys Made with Tyvek

Tyvek is now being used to create decoys for snow goose hunting. The Anser Decoy Company owners Jim Orr and Chuck Elder are using Tyvek as the main material in their line of windsock decoys, including the SideKick Decoy™.
The Anser Decoy Sample Pack

Orr comments, "like most windsock decoy companies, we chose to use Tyvek in manufacturing our product. It provides a virtually weatherproof material that holds up over time when cut and sewn into our pattern. In addition, unlike most material, the Tyvek holds up at the grommets without tearing, unlike other materials considered."

The Anser Decoy Adult Sentry
All of The Anser Decoy's products feature Tyvek bodies with a special ink that helps to eliminate glare and adds realistic looking details to the decoys. Unlike other decoys on the market, Anser Decoy's decoys are functional on low wind days – they feature stay-open crush resistant collars that help to maximize wind gathering. All Anser Decoy decoys feature a collapsible back support. This feature comes in handy when storage space is a concern, whether on a trip or in the off-season. The Anser Decoy's products have hand painted ABS heads that are molded with a UV modifier that help the heads resist sun damage.

The Anser Decoy Blue Headless Low
Elder and Orr are retired Army Combat Arms officers and are proud that all Anser Decoy products are made in the USA. Orr said that what sets his product apart from other windsock decoys on the market is that "all the other windsock decoy companies manufacturing this type of product are doing so in China, as opposed to making them here in the USA, thus, the material being used in their products is made in China and may or may not be DuPont Tyvek material."

In addition to the products that are currently available on their website, they are in the process of creating another decoy. Orr said that "the SideKick Decoy™ is also patent pending in that the wind hole is in the side and it rides perpendicular to the wind as opposed to other windsock decoys."

View the Anser Decoy Company's SideKick video to see the product in action:

The photos used were provided by The Anser Decoy Company and used with permission. Thanks Jim and Chuck!

If you need Tyvek Material to make your own products, Material Concepts supplies many varieties of Tyvek. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 for information or to buy Tyvek.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sleek, Stylish Pappeal Bags Made With Tyvek

Tyvek material is again taking the fashion accessories industry by storm! This time, Tyvek is being used as the main material in Pappeal bags. The Pappeal line features three products: a backpack, a messenger bag, and a duffel bag, and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

Pappeal Backpack
All three of these innovative, fashionable bags are extremely light, easy to clean, waterproof, and thanks to Tyvek are tear-resistant. The messenger bag is made of paper-like Tyvek, has a divided inner open space, inside pockets that are great for holding small items, and an outside zipper pocket. In keeping with simplicity, the messenger bag has a simple, yet secure Velco closure. The backpack is made of paper-like Tyvek and is medium sized with an outside zipper compartment. The duffel features padded straps and is very versatile. Because it's made from fabric-like Tyvek (not paper-like Tyvek) it is capable of being folded up into itself, creating a small bag.

Pappeal Duffel
Pappeal said that they decided to use Tyvek "because it is water-resistant, breathable, incredibly durable and featherlight. Combine the functionality of the material with a fun, usable design at an affordable price, and it makes for an incredible product of unlimited functionality."

These Pappeal bags made with Tyvek are great for a variety of people of all ages. Many users like students and professionals will enjoy the features of Pappeal. In fact, Pappeal itself
said that "it’s difficult to even describe a target audience for such a versatile product."

All photos used with permission. Special thanks to Pappeal for providing Material Concepts with additional information.
Pappeal Messenger

If you want to create your own products with Tyvek material, Material Concepts would be happy to be your Tyvek supplier. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 for information or to buy Tyvek.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Tyvek Space Jacket

The next big venture for some private companies, such as Virgin Galactic, is making outer space the next tourist destination. While all of the details are still getting worked out on bringing people to outer space, one aspect of the master plan that has already been thought of is what people will wear while in space. It is very possible that space explorers will be wearing none other than Tyvek. That's right, this seemingly ordinary, yet wonderfully extraordinary, product is capable of withstanding the harsh conditions in outer space. As mentioned in an Outside Online article, Betabrand has created a Space Jacket, which has an outer layer made from Tyvek.

Betabrand Space Jacket
Betabrand describes Tyvek as "light, breathable, and resilient." Furthermore, designer Steven B. Wheeler enthusiastically told Material Concepts that "I am often inspired by the materials themselves, and up close, Tyvek 1443r has such a cool look to it that really does seem space-age. It called to mind the outer layer of an astronaut's EVA (extra-vehicular activity) suit, so that's where I began my visual research. I decided Tyvek would be a great outer layer because of it's color, texture, and low weight. The other materials like the silvered nylon and Primaloft insulation were chosen because of their looks and high-performance characteristics, that complimented the Tyvek shell."

Space Jacket being sown
Wheeler also told Material Concepts that he "hired a contract quilting service to sandwich the layers together and run a computerized box
 quilt pattern over the yardage, which had the added bonus of softening the Tyvek (type 1443r arrived very crisp and papery, but the process of constructing the jacket made it very supple as it broke in)." Furthermore, he said that "laying my pattern out over the quilted yardage preparing it for cutting was easy, as I could trace the pattern with a marker directly onto the Tyvek without needing to pin. When sewing, I found needles didn't last as long as I am used to with typical fabric. Actual construction and handling the garment during sewing was, if anything, easier than usual with woven fabric because of it's initial papery texture that could be folded and creased by hand."

Consumers are so gung-ho about the Space Jacket, that not only did it meet its fundraising goal, but it raised 200% of its funding goal. Additionally, Wheeler comments that "people in the space industry who've seen the jacket in person are initially delighted with the overall look of it, and when they take a closer look or try it on, they really like the choice of materials. I've had a more than a couple ask me if it was Tyvek, and it's extremely cool to have it recognized." Maybe if we're lucky, production will take off sooner than planned and we can have Space Jackets for the next polar vortex.

Check out Betabrand's website to see more of their out-of-this-world products. All photos used with permission. Special thanks to Steven B. Wheeler for providing Material Concepts with additional information.

Thinking about using Tyvek for your next fashion design? If you are, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. For further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

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