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Monday, April 14, 2014

Windsock Decoys Made with Tyvek

Tyvek is now being used to create decoys for snow goose hunting. The Anser Decoy Company owners Jim Orr and Chuck Elder are using Tyvek as the main material in their line of windsock decoys, including the SideKick Decoy™.
The Anser Decoy Sample Pack

Orr comments, "like most windsock decoy companies, we chose to use Tyvek in manufacturing our product. It provides a virtually weatherproof material that holds up over time when cut and sewn into our pattern. In addition, unlike most material, the Tyvek holds up at the grommets without tearing, unlike other materials considered."

The Anser Decoy Adult Sentry
All of The Anser Decoy's products feature Tyvek bodies with a special ink that helps to eliminate glare and adds realistic looking details to the decoys. Unlike other decoys on the market, Anser Decoy's decoys are functional on low wind days – they feature stay-open crush resistant collars that help to maximize wind gathering. All Anser Decoy decoys feature a collapsible back support. This feature comes in handy when storage space is a concern, whether on a trip or in the off-season. The Anser Decoy's products have hand painted ABS heads that are molded with a UV modifier that help the heads resist sun damage.

The Anser Decoy Blue Headless Low
Elder and Orr are retired Army Combat Arms officers and are proud that all Anser Decoy products are made in the USA. Orr said that what sets his product apart from other windsock decoys on the market is that "all the other windsock decoy companies manufacturing this type of product are doing so in China, as opposed to making them here in the USA, thus, the material being used in their products is made in China and may or may not be DuPont Tyvek material."

In addition to the products that are currently available on their website, they are in the process of creating another decoy. Orr said that "the SideKick Decoy™ is also patent pending in that the wind hole is in the side and it rides perpendicular to the wind as opposed to other windsock decoys."

View the Anser Decoy Company's SideKick video to see the product in action:

The photos used were provided by The Anser Decoy Company and used with permission. Thanks Jim and Chuck!

If you need Tyvek Material to make your own products, Material Concepts supplies many varieties of Tyvek. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 for information or to buy Tyvek.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Sleek, Stylish Pappeal Bags Made With Tyvek

Tyvek material is again taking the fashion accessories industry by storm! This time, Tyvek is being used as the main material in Pappeal bags. The Pappeal line features three products: a backpack, a messenger bag, and a duffel bag, and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

Pappeal Backpack
All three of these innovative, fashionable bags are extremely light, easy to clean, waterproof, and thanks to Tyvek are tear-resistant. The messenger bag is made of paper-like Tyvek, has a divided inner open space, inside pockets that are great for holding small items, and an outside zipper pocket. In keeping with simplicity, the messenger bag has a simple, yet secure Velco closure. The backpack is made of paper-like Tyvek and is medium sized with an outside zipper compartment. The duffel features padded straps and is very versatile. Because it's made from fabric-like Tyvek (not paper-like Tyvek) it is capable of being folded up into itself, creating a small bag.

Pappeal Duffel
Pappeal said that they decided to use Tyvek "because it is water-resistant, breathable, incredibly durable and featherlight. Combine the functionality of the material with a fun, usable design at an affordable price, and it makes for an incredible product of unlimited functionality."

These Pappeal bags made with Tyvek are great for a variety of people of all ages. Many users like students and professionals will enjoy the features of Pappeal. In fact, Pappeal itself
said that "it’s difficult to even describe a target audience for such a versatile product."

All photos used with permission. Special thanks to Pappeal for providing Material Concepts with additional information.
Pappeal Messenger

If you want to create your own products with Tyvek material, Material Concepts would be happy to be your Tyvek supplier. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 for information or to buy Tyvek.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Tyvek Space Jacket

The next big venture for some private companies, such as Virgin Galactic, is making outer space the next tourist destination. While all of the details are still getting worked out on bringing people to outer space, one aspect of the master plan that has already been thought of is what people will wear while in space. It is very possible that space explorers will be wearing none other than Tyvek. That's right, this seemingly ordinary, yet wonderfully extraordinary, product is capable of withstanding the harsh conditions in outer space. As mentioned in an Outside Online article, Betabrand has created a Space Jacket, which has an outer layer made from Tyvek.

Betabrand Space Jacket
Betabrand describes Tyvek as "light, breathable, and resilient." Furthermore, designer Steven B. Wheeler enthusiastically told Material Concepts that "I am often inspired by the materials themselves, and up close, Tyvek 1443r has such a cool look to it that really does seem space-age. It called to mind the outer layer of an astronaut's EVA (extra-vehicular activity) suit, so that's where I began my visual research. I decided Tyvek would be a great outer layer because of it's color, texture, and low weight. The other materials like the silvered nylon and Primaloft insulation were chosen because of their looks and high-performance characteristics, that complimented the Tyvek shell."

Space Jacket being sown
Wheeler also told Material Concepts that he "hired a contract quilting service to sandwich the layers together and run a computerized box
 quilt pattern over the yardage, which had the added bonus of softening the Tyvek (type 1443r arrived very crisp and papery, but the process of constructing the jacket made it very supple as it broke in)." Furthermore, he said that "laying my pattern out over the quilted yardage preparing it for cutting was easy, as I could trace the pattern with a marker directly onto the Tyvek without needing to pin. When sewing, I found needles didn't last as long as I am used to with typical fabric. Actual construction and handling the garment during sewing was, if anything, easier than usual with woven fabric because of it's initial papery texture that could be folded and creased by hand."

Consumers are so gung-ho about the Space Jacket, that not only did it meet its fundraising goal, but it raised 200% of its funding goal. Additionally, Wheeler comments that "people in the space industry who've seen the jacket in person are initially delighted with the overall look of it, and when they take a closer look or try it on, they really like the choice of materials. I've had a more than a couple ask me if it was Tyvek, and it's extremely cool to have it recognized." Maybe if we're lucky, production will take off sooner than planned and we can have Space Jackets for the next polar vortex.

Check out Betabrand's website to see more of their out-of-this-world products. All photos used with permission. Special thanks to Steven B. Wheeler for providing Material Concepts with additional information.

Thinking about using Tyvek for your next fashion design? If you are, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. For further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crumpled Sky Map Made from Tyvek

Photo Credit: A+R
Have you ever looked up at the sky at night and wished you knew what stars and constellations you were viewing? Thanks to another creative product made with Tyvek, now you can. The Crumpled Sky Map offered by A+R, recently featured in a Gizmodo article, is fantastic way to learn the constellations. According to the product description, these maps are "printed on an extra-light, 100 percent water-resistant material that is resistant to wear and tear and can be crumpled and flattened endlessly." There is both a fall/winter and spring/summer version, and the best part is that they glow in the dark. This is a great gift for star-gazers of any age.

Photo Credit: A+R
If you need Tyvek Material for your own creation, Material Concepts supplies many varieties of Tyvek. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 for information or to buy Tyvek.

The photos here were provided by A+R and used with permission. Thanks A+R!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tyvek Folded Light Art

Folding paper to create engaging shapes has been done by people all over the world for many years. Many people start out with turning a piece of paper into an airplane or crane. Others take it further with origami. Today, some designers are making functional items such as lamps out of the paper-like material Tyvek. One such creative individual is Jiangmei Wu, and she recently had her "incredibly intricate sculptures that glow from within" featured in a Gizmodo article.

 Durian Durian
The technique Wu uses to create her masterpieces is quite unique. According to the Gizmodo articel, her technique "is the result of an impressive mix of old and new techniques; she designs patterns using Illustrator and AutoCAD that are then digitally creased by a vinyl cutter." When asked why she uses Tyvek, Wu told Material Concepts that "it took me a while to find the right type of material for my product.
I have ordered many samples from various companies and was very happy to find the material I need from you guys. I was looking for something that was durable and tear free and will be able to transmit light evenly. I was also looking for something that was rigid and yet foldable, just like paper. The structural Tyvek therefore becomes my ideal choice." It's amazing that Wu can look at a sheet of Tyvek and visualize how it can be made into a lamp, and then actually turn it into that lamp.

Wu's marvelous work has been featured in multiple exhibits . Her take on geometric figures is certainly one-of-a-kind. Her creations are a wonderful combination of glamor and sophistication. To see other works by Jiangmei Wu visit her website. The photos here were provided by Ms. Wu and used with permission.

If you want to create your own designs or products with Tyvek material, Material Concepts would be happy to be your Tyvek supplier. Just contact us for more information or call 215-338-6515 or 1-800-372-3366 for information or to buy Tyvek.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Letterforms - A Washable Tyvek Writing Medium Inspired by Paper

What do you think the directions "Write. Wet. Wipe." are for? How about a whiteboard? A personalized, reusable tablecloth? Or maybe an arts and crafts mat for children? While a number of people might guess those items, they would all be wrong. "Write. Wet. Wipe." are the directions for letterforms®, "an environment friendly, reusable and washable sketching medium designed for use with
washable markers, crayons, and pens." This ingenious product is made from Tyvek® from DuPont™. Tyvek is being used in more and more diverse uses each day!

letterforms is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and "is committed to keeping as much of the sourcing, printing, and finishing in the US as possible." Currently, letterforms is running a Kickstarter Campaign to gain funding. This ground-breaking product allows users to sketch designs or write notes as they would on a regular piece of paper, but unlike regular paper, with just a single spray of water, letterforms becomes brand new again. Not only is this product great for babysitters, but it is ideal for students and professionals of all ages. For instance, with college finals right around the corner, this would make such a wonderful study aid, as well as a fantastic distraction. Because letterforms does not leave any "ghost effects" (the stubborn smears that are left on dry erase boards), it is the ideal medium for children to draw on, students to practice homework problems on, and for business professionals to plan meeting agendas on. The best part is that unlike other environmentally friendly solutions, letterforms is able to be used right out of the box, since it is compatible with washable writing utensils that are easily available. Not only does that mean letterforms is more cost effective than other reusable solutions, it also means it is safer, since there is no exposure to the chemicals used in dry-erase markers.

To pre-order a kit, please visit letterforms' website. Many thanks to letterforms' Venkat Yuvaraj for the product information and photos, used here with permission.

If you want to use Tyvek to create new products for commercial or personal use, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. For further assistance and detailed Tyvek product information, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515. Material Concepts is an authorized DuPont™ Tyvek® master distributor.

Have a Tyvek project/idea that you would like to share and have featured on this Tyvek Innovative Uses blog? Just drop a line to web@materialconcepts.com and let us know what you are doing, and maybe we'll feature your Tyvek® product or DIY idea here in a future post!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Tyvek Clutch

Photo Credit: Sini Makela/Design&Paper
Today's consumers want products that feature the latest and greatest trends, so designers are constantly working to create the next "it product." Sini Makela, editor for the blog Design&Paper, took on this challenge and designed a fantastic clutch that can not only be used to hold items like wallets and makeup, but it can also be used as an iPad holder. What makes Makela's clutch so unique and original is that she made it with Tyvek. Regarding her choice of working with Tyvek, Makela says that when it comes to choosing a material, her "latest love is the fantastic Tyvek. The material which is best described as something with a 'paper look and a fabric feel', is something I haven't come across before."
Photo Credit: Sini Makela/Design&Paper
In fact, she is so fond of working with the versatile Tyvek material that she says "since I got my hands on it, I haven’t let go!" Makela suggests painting the Tyvek® to add your own style to the clutch, and that for her design she "made some classic stripes...using Indian ink." She chose to work with Indian ink because it "dries very quickly and doesn't smudge" and recommends using it.

Photo Credit: Sini Makela/Design&Paper
If you are looking for a unique gift to give somebody this year, why not make this fabulous clutch? As she describes, here's how Makela made this Tyvek clutch:

First I decided on the size: big enough to fit my stuff on a night out, but as I also wanted to use it as a cover for my iPad, I decided to give it a thick protective lining. So the cover is made of hand painted Tyvek and the lining is made of white recycled woven cotton which is thick enough to give the clutch a strong structure and also protect the valuables inside. When sowing a lining into a bag, make sure to sew the two pieces together the wrong way around and then turning it into an open end tube, so the stitching is inside the lining. Fold the tube into three folds which will form the clutch. Sow the sides and stitch and the open end close. For the most simple version, that’s it! You can always sow a zipper or other closing mechanism but I opted for the simple style.
Photo Credit: Sini Makela/Design&Paper

Not only does Makela make Tyvek clutches, but she also makes Tyvek® t-shirts! For information about her DIY t-shirt, check out her Design & Paper post.

If you want to use Tyvek to create fashion designs, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. For further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515. Material Concepts is an authorized DuPont™ Tyvek® master distributor.

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