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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stunning Tyvek Dress from Anna Loosli

Anna Loosli Tyvek Dress close-upAnna Loosli created a stunning white Tyvek dress for The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's 2016 fashion show. In her own words, Loosli describes her design and material selection:
As part of our project for the 2016 fashion show at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for the schools, 150th year anniversary, I had to create a design using non-conventional materials. It was especially important in my choice of materials since this year’s fashion show was held at the Garfield Conservatory in Chicago where there was heat, water and humidity. I had to use a fabric that would not have a reaction to or be affected by any of these factors. It also needed to have the texture, feel and color I was looking for to create my design. Researching many materials, I came across Tyvek 1443R from Material Concepts where the description of Tyvek - lightweight, water resistant, breathable, tear resistant, flexible and easy to sew - was perfect for what I required. It also came in white which is the color I was looking for to use on my garment.

The peony flower was the inspiration for my garment. The peony is called the "King of the Flowers" as it is considered a symbol of beauty in many countries. It is also the preferred flower of many wedding ceremonies. I also found that the use of this flower with its large petals and different shapes can add drama and excitement to my design. The design and use of the hood or cage was to give my garment a feel of a garden setting. In the construction of my garment, the skirt was made almost completely from Tyvek 1443R as well as the corset and flowers.

Tyvek Soft Structure Style 1443R was an excellent choice of material by Loosli as its fabric-like qualities show very well and its whiteness is striking in her design, as the photos clearly illustrate. And it works very well for the intricacies of the flowers in the dress too. Loosli's dress design shows how fashion designers continue to innovate with how Tyvek is used in their creative works. Thanks to Anna for providing the photos, used with permission.

Tyvek 1443 can be purchased online from Material Concepts in 60 inch wide rolls of 10 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards and a few other sizes, colors and styles. Or contact Material Concepts for more information.

Anna Loosli White Tyvek Dress

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