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Monday, July 18, 2016

Tyvek Wedding Dress - Bella the Bride - Made From Re-Purposed Tyvek

Sterilization packaging manufacturer Beacon Converters, Inc. commissioned Bella The Bride's wedding gown to encourage the healthcare industry to look at discarded medical packaging waste as a resource and not garbage. Created by artist and environmental educator Nancy Judd, Bella’s gown is made from re-purposed Tyvek and the latest addition to the Recycle Runway Collection, a traveling exhibit of Eco Couture Fashion made out of trash.

The gown demonstrates the importance of recycling discarded waste, in this case healthcare packaging, which otherwise would have been sent to a landfill. Bella’s pure white gown is pieced and sewn out of discarded medical grade Tyvek styles. Tyvek was selected because of its ability to be recycled or recovered for re-purposing - it is a clean, flexible, sterilizable material with specific medical grades widely used in medical device packaging. Beacon took Bella on tour and invited healthcare professionals and other members of the industry to participate in the creation of the dress by crafting one or more handmade flowers out of discarded medical grade Tyvek.

Tyvek apparel and fashion design is a quite popular as the Tyvek material lends itself well to new and innovative applications of this versatile material. Contact Material Concepts for more information.

Flowers were affixed to the dress in a Sewing Circle with Recycle Runway's, Nancy Judd.

Award for Flowers that were Realistic to Nature

Award for Flowers that were Intricate in Design

Award for Flowers that were Creatively Expressive

Bella The Bride on Display

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