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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wearable Shelter Made With Tyvek

Wearable Tyvek Coat
Interior design students at the Royal College of Art in London did a design project to create a wearable shelter - a coat that turns into a sleeping bag and a tent, intended for refugees and inspired by the recent large number of Syrian refugees. According to Anne Sophie Geay, a student who worked on this project, the design has three functions:
  • It can be worn as a coat complete with a zipper, including large pockets for important items, such as passports and personal documents
  • When laid out it forms a sleeping bag
  • The insertion of lightweight kite-rods into specific seams transforms it into a temporary dwelling - a tent that can house up to 4 people
The material used was Tyvek style 1422R, which is very similar to Tyvek style 1443R that is offered by Material Concepts, insulated with Mylar (another product from DuPont). Wearable Tyvek Jacket with Pockets The Tyvek material was suggested to the project group by Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), who provided insight into the challenges faced by refugees fleeing conflict in Syria. This Tyvek fabric-like was selected because it is a strong, breathable, and highly water resistant material.

This design is not currently in production; they are looking for manufacturing partners and donations. It will be exhibited at Design Dubai Week, October 24 - 29, 2016.

Thanks to Anne Sophie Geay at the Royal College of Art in London for providing the photos and the details about the project, used with permission.

Tyvek material can work very well when used for new and innovative applications of this versatile material, as demonstrated by this wearable shelter and coat. Fabric-like Tyvek styles can be purchased online or Contact Material Concepts for more information.

Wearable Tyvek Tent

Wearable Tyvek Sleeping Bag

Wearable Tyvek Design Work

Wearable Tyvek Collage

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