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Monday, September 10, 2012

Inflatable Animal Lamps made from Tyvek by Shira Keret

Tyvek inflatable rabbit lamp
Shira Keret, a young Israeli designer based in Tel Aviv, has been making some really spectacular lamps made from Tyvek. These are not just floor standing lamps, they’re actually inflatable and give off a very nice glow.

I asked Shira about why she chose Tyvek and she was kind enough to explain a little about her designs. In her email, Shira says that she was introduced to Tyvek a few years ago and loves its durability. “I love the fact that it looks like paper, but at the same time cannot be torn or affected by water. I wanted the delicate look of paper and its lightness, but needed a material that will still be very durable. I also like the depth of the fibers that you see when the lamp is lit.”

Tyvek inflatable chickenlamp
Shira is referring to the fiber pattern you can see when the Tyvek is backlit from the light. “I manipulated the Tyvek a bit; I put it in the washing machine for an hour because I wanted to make it softer and wrinkled. Once the lamp is lit the lampshade inflates and takes on its shape. The lamps have a small fan like those used in desktop computers and the Tyvek can hold the air in allowing the lamps to hold their shape.”

I’ll bet you’d like one! We would too! Actually, we’d like the entire set! Shira ships the lamps internationally, and they can be purchased through her shop at Vespo.

Tyvek inflatable rhino lamp
Shira Keret has been a member since 2010 in the Four'n'Five design group based in Jaffa port, Tel Aviv.

Check out Shira’s other work on her website. Photos courtesy of Shira Keret. All photos used with permission.

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