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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tyvek Vase - Simple, Elegant Design by Jiwon Choi

Tyvek Vase by Jiwon Choi
The simple yet elegant design of a Tyvek vase by Jiwon Choi is the latest entry in this Tyvek Innovative Uses blog. Ms. Choi is a Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) graduate, born in Seoul, Korea, and educated in North America. According to her website bio, "Jiwon Choi is interested in using the experiences of her diverse upbringing to create and design."

This Tyvek vase utilizes the physical properties of Tyvek, that it is a lightweight, tear-resistant, flexible, smooth, opaque material that is resistant to water, rot and mildew. And the brilliant white color of Tyvek adds to the great look of the Tyvek vases.  In describing her Tyvek vase design, Choi's website says, "Designed just in time for Valentine's day, the objective was to create a simple and light (yet strong enough to stand upright) package for flowers. Flowers will go back to the soil, Tvyek will have have a second life too..."

According to Core77, Choi is currently seeking a manufacturer for these Tyvek vases. If any readers of this Tyvek Innovative Uses Blog can assist, feel free to contact Jiwon Choi. Choi's Tyvek vases were also featured in online design publications MoCo Loco, Dezeen, LooksLikeGoodDesign.comhttp://lookslikegooddesign.com/tyvek-vase-jiwon-choi/ and Core77. Many thanks to Jiwon Choi for sharing her Tyvek vases here. All photos copyright Jiwon Choi, used with permission.

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