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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tyvek DIY Bivy Sack, Groundsheet, Rain Skirt from BackPacker

Thanks to Kristy Holland and her piece on Backpacker.com called "Create Tyvek Treasures - Stay warm and fight the rain with three simple projects using this waterproof/breathable material." In particular, Kristy's article offers a Supplies callout box (shown to the right) that tells readers they can buy a 60" by 10 yard roll of Tyvek 1443R online from Material Concepts with enough Tyvek material for all three do-it-yourself projects for:
  • Tyvek Groundsheet 
  • Tyvek Bivy Sack 
  • Tyvek Rain Skirt 
For the Tyvek ground cloth, Kristy provides a few good tips and a link to a Backpacker slide show Make a Tyvek Groundcloth for Your Tent with photos and detailed instructions on how to make the Tyvek ground sheet for a tent. This is particularly good if you have a unusual-shaped tent. Of course, Material Concepts offers a 8 foot by 10 foot Tyvek ground sheet for sale online, but you are more than welcome to buy a 60" by 10 yard roll of Tyvek 1443R and make your own, and use the rest for other projects as Kristy suggests.

Kristy's instructions on how to make the Tyvek bivy sack are quite clever. And the Tyvek rain skirt is a new idea that could work great if hiking on a rainy day.

So these three Tyvek DIY (do-it-yourself) projects are good ideas, and thanks again to Kristy Holland for mentioning Material Concepts as the source for purchasing Tyvek.

Have a Tyvek DIY project/idea that you would like to share and have featured on this Tyvek Innovative Uses blog? Just drop a line to web@materialconcepts.com and let us know what you are doing, and maybe we'll feature your Tyvek DIY idea here in future post.

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