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Friday, December 20, 2013

Letterforms - A Washable Tyvek Writing Medium Inspired by Paper

What do you think the directions "Write. Wet. Wipe." are for? How about a whiteboard? A personalized, reusable tablecloth? Or maybe an arts and crafts mat for children? While a number of people might guess those items, they would all be wrong. "Write. Wet. Wipe." are the directions for letterforms®, "an environment friendly, reusable and washable sketching medium designed for use with
washable markers, crayons, and pens." This ingenious product is made from Tyvek® from DuPont™. Tyvek is being used in more and more diverse uses each day!

letterforms is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and "is committed to keeping as much of the sourcing, printing, and finishing in the US as possible." Currently, letterforms is running a Kickstarter Campaign to gain funding. This ground-breaking product allows users to sketch designs or write notes as they would on a regular piece of paper, but unlike regular paper, with just a single spray of water, letterforms becomes brand new again. Not only is this product great for babysitters, but it is ideal for students and professionals of all ages. For instance, with college finals right around the corner, this would make such a wonderful study aid, as well as a fantastic distraction. Because letterforms does not leave any "ghost effects" (the stubborn smears that are left on dry erase boards), it is the ideal medium for children to draw on, students to practice homework problems on, and for business professionals to plan meeting agendas on. The best part is that unlike other environmentally friendly solutions, letterforms is able to be used right out of the box, since it is compatible with washable writing utensils that are easily available. Not only does that mean letterforms is more cost effective than other reusable solutions, it also means it is safer, since there is no exposure to the chemicals used in dry-erase markers.

To pre-order a kit, please visit letterforms' website. Many thanks to letterforms' Venkat Yuvaraj for the product information and photos, used here with permission.

If you want to use Tyvek to create new products for commercial or personal use, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. For further assistance and detailed Tyvek product information, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515. Material Concepts is an authorized DuPont™ Tyvek® master distributor.

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