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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot-Tubes - Heat Recirculators Made with Tyvek®

Hot-Tube Basic Tube
Hot-Tubes is revolutionizing home heating by bringing wasted warm air from ceilings to lower areas. This unique, patent pending product includes an insulated Tyvek® tube with a fan system to pull warm air down. They are 7'8" tall, suitable for rooms with ceilings ranging from 8' to 9' tall. Hot-Tubes is planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Hot-Tubes are ideal for any living environment (dorms, apartments, houses, etc.) The product is made from soft, fabric-like Tyvek® and are available in 3 stylish varieties – basic, super, and art (original works by contributing artists). As the Hot-Tubes' website describes, "Basic tubes are configured with one fan and one speed setting, and are designed to run continuously unless unplugged or used with a timer or external switch. Super and Art tubes are configured with dual fans and 2 speed selector switch, and can be purchased with optional remote control RGB LED lighting." The RGB/LED lights add a dazzling effect to the white Tyvek® tubes.
Hot-Tube Art Tube

Hot-Tubes President Bill Zelman told us that Tyvek® is used because it meets two key requirements - it's lightweight and cost effective. On selecting and utilizing Tyvek® as the material for the Hot-Tubes product, Bill said:

We made the jump to Tyvek® pretty quickly. Early on I experimented with fabrics - looking for a lightweight, cost effective solution. While traditional woven fabrics could be made to work, they were significantly more expensive - and less efficient. I had become familiar with Tyvek® while repairing and remodeling parts of my home. Once I learned about soft type 1443r and made my first prototype from it, I knew it was the solution we were looking for. It met all our criteria and it was easy to work with. We've used both transfer adhesives and sewing to successfully make our tubes.

Hot-Tube with
RGB/LED Lighting
Zelman also said that he "needs to thank the Tyvek® artist community for the inspiration behind the novel Tyvek® air duct used in our product. We saved 10's of thousands of dollars and added great functionality by using Tyvek® to form a directional air scoop instead of creating a custom plastic form. It's also much nicer!"

All photos are used with permission. Special thanks to Bill Zelman for providing us with information.

Thinking about using Tyvek® for your next project? If so, you can purchase many styles of Tyvek® online. Or for further assistance, please contact Material Concepts or call us at 215-338-6515.

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