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Monday, October 20, 2014

Tyvek Fashion Collection Color Impression by Agnieszka Sukiennik

Designer Agnieszka Sukiennik is featured again with new Tyvek® creations in her COLOR IMPRESSION collection. Like her previous creations, COLOR IMPRESSION features chic, modern shirts. Sukiennik told us that originality and impressionism were her inspirations for COLOR IMPRESSION because with this collection she "tried to catch this impression which is elusive, impression of vibrant colors."

Sukiennik said that COLOR IMPRESSION is her way of combating the lack of originality in clothing. She said:

I used to be against the trends, so when everything started to be printed and duplicated with thousands of copies, I wanted an original way to express myself in the fashion business so I created the hand painted collection COLOR IMPRESSION. I started with millions of sketches, design of female sweatshirts and skirts, and then I made abstract and colorful paintings on Tyvek®. The result is that each garment is original and the one and only, like all woman around us.

Sukiennik's Tyvek® fascination began years ago when she "fell in love with Tyvek® 1443R and then created a female dress collection called ILLUSTRATIONS IN MOTION with personal, printed illustrations."

Thanks to Agnieszka Sukiennik for sharing her innovative Tyvek® collection. She would like to give special thanks to the following people: photographers Alex Kaczkowska and Krystian Szczęsny, makeup and hair Paula Celińska, models Sara Sukiennik and Izabela Kobus, and dressmaker Inna Rek. All photos copyright Agnieszka Sukiennik, used with her permission.

Find out more about Agnieszka Sukiennik and COLOR IMPRESSION from these online sources:

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