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Friday, March 13, 2009

Tyvek Fashion: Tyvek Bags, or are they Tyvek Handbags?

Tyvek® is now being used in high fashion. A new collection of bags called Papier, which is French for paper, designed by Stefan Diez for his wife Saskia Diez, a jewelery designer. The are made from Tyvek® material, most likely what we call hard structure Tyvek®, which many call Tyvek® paper.

We contacted the designer Stefan Diez. He provided permission to use the photos and provided this description of the Tyvek® Papier bags:

In her designs Saskia Diez always takes up the familiar, gives it further thought and adds something new. In the design process these shifts of context interest her above and beyond the jewelry. As such “Papier”, the new collection of cases, is a typical product of the Munich-based label. They were designed by Stefan Diez for Saskia Diez. The different-size traveling bags are made of Tyvek, a synthetic paper that is extremely light but at the same time extremely robust. The project is noteworthy in many respects, not only on account of the material’s enormous durability, but also because of the high-end finish given to what is actually a banal material. A silk-screen printing technique gives the material a particularly attractive look. A totally different aspect of the series is also remarkable: Classic traveling bags are for the most part made of leather; the use of paper here represents a shift in typology, which reflects a new definition of the traditional idea of luxury. Like all designs by Saskia Diez the “Papier” bag collection has a striking label: A sterling silver flake with an engraved diamond.
These Tyvek "Papier" bags will be available for sale shortly from the Stefan Diez online store.

Also of interest are the black and yellow Tyvek Papier bags:

Here are some photos of the preparation and assembly process:

Papier bags were very hot in the blogosphere, discussed on these blogs that we found:
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